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Colombia is a country so diverse climates, landscapes and of course areas where the customs are so different from one another according to the type of people who populate the fields.

For example in the Caribbean and Pacific areas, where many slave settlements were located, superstitions and legends were brought from Africa, in areas with native Indian myths and legends of the creation of man and the importance of plants and animals for each of the tribes is very important to define superstitions and in sectors where they dominated the conquistadors (Spanish, mixed with Arabs, Celts, etc.) with their own legends and beliefs.


Coupled with this we have a mixture of all these cultural groups, which also gave a mixture of beliefs, legends and superstitions. In general, the Colombians are superstitious and believe in small events to attract prosperity, health, good luck and love. The omens are also customs, ways of doing certain activities with the belief that it will guarantee a specific result. Here are some of the most famous omens and superstitions practiced in several regions of Colombia.

Bad luck 

Unlucky for the bride put the wedding dress before the wedding day, if you do regret the groom in the door of the church.

When you are walking, and of surprise a black cat crosses itself to you, of insurance already the day was damaged to you. Disagreeable problems will appear.

If accidentally salt is spilled to him on the floor or any object, the destiny was already made bitter to him for a long time, perhaps by the rest of the life.

To sleep with the socks putting, shortens the life to him and attracts the death.

If you drop scissors or a knife to the ground, this it unlucky will bring fights and misfortunes to you.

To load an umbrella in summer brings rains and damages.

To load in the pocket a human bone removed from the cemetery, will be able to gain a lot of money.

Holly Thursday nobody is due to bathe, because that day Christ washed the feet with its apostles. If it does he will be a wretch.

If you give handkerchiefs, the person who receives them will have a full life of weeping and tears.

One gets used to taking to a snake bell and to clear the bells to him, leaving it lives and to cross seven rivers. The bells will sound at the moment at which all the money or important sums is due to bet because it is the moment of the luck.

When a dark butterfly settles in a site of the home it is because it announces that somebody near one is going to pass away.


Good Luck

Lucky to bet one number that has been dreamed.

To have good luck in the game are usually killed at Easter and take a black cat bones all buried at the intersection of two roads, hopefully well traveled. After a year and dig up a pot and roasted residues are cast in a leather pouch made with the skin of a frog. This bag is ever to be making a play for money or business.

Being able to get a rattle snake and remove the bells, leaving alive and crossing seven rivers. The bells will sound at the time to be betting any money or sums because it is the moment of fate.

If you find a totally black cat him, a white hair, remove and guards it. That will bring luck to you.

When it finds a clover plant with four leaves, safe it, try a lot of money.

To have behind the door of the house or the store a aloe plant hung of an fiber cord, so that the good luck stays all along.

If the woman spinster prays to Saint Antony of insurance obtains husband.

To prune the trees holy Fridays improves the fruits.


December is one of the times at which the omens are to request of mouth:

In order to have prosperity the ears of wheat and the flower of garlic are used in the table.

One gets used to at night eating twelve grapes, and a desire with each grape is due to request.

The 31 of December you must have money in the pocket is due to always have.

When the toast to twelve is made at night , the glass must have something of gold, to attract the prosperity

The 31 of December to twelve of the night to leave to give a return to the neighborhood with a suitcase, to attract the trips.

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